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Brian Fenske, found a new calling in volunteering at the Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC). His motivation stems from losing his father to prostate cancer in 2014, alongside a family history of the illness, with both his grandfather and brother being diagnosed.

For Brian, volunteering at the PCC is more than just a commitment; it’s a passion. Since retiring in 2016, he treats his role like a part-time job, finding fulfillment in knowing that his efforts contribute, in a small way, to supporting Alberta men and their families. He describes his experience at the PCC as enriching, attributing it to the welcoming atmosphere and camaraderie among the staff and volunteers.

His journey with the PCC began when he responded to a TV advertisement inviting individuals for PSA testing. Brian’s willingness to share his experience led to a surprise interview on Global National, sparking conversations among friends and family nationwide. Since 2016, he has dedicated his time to the PCC’s research department, compiling crucial data spreadsheets to aid in generating valuable insights.

Encouraging others to join him, Brian highlights the rewarding nature of volunteering at the PCC, where like-minded individuals come together to make a difference. Despite his personal connection to the cause, Brian doesn’t let stress consume him; instead, he emphasizes the importance of regular PSA testing and staying informed, advocating for a proactive approach to his health.

When he’s not giving back, Brian stays active with a variety of outdoor pursuits and travelling, believing in the importance of staying engaged and making the most of life’s adventures.