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Getting a prostate cancer diagnosis can be confusing and overwhelming. At the Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) we deliver one-stop support to men and families through rapid access to personalized care, education, research and support.

We give you a safe space to learn and talk about the physical and emotional complexities that come with a diagnosis and treatment.

Read below to learn more about the clinics and support classes available to you and your family.



For more information and to register please contact the PCC’s Nurse Navigator at 403.943.8972 or speak with your Health Care Practitioner.

RAC 1: Access to a specialist


Express clinics shorten wait times to get a consultation with a urologist. Urologists will determine if further investigation is required for the patient.

If yes, patients will complete a repeat PSA check and Digital Rectal Exam (DRE).

RAC 2: Access to treatment specialists


Bi-weekly virtual information sessions are offered to men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Participants hear from a urologist, a radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist who explain prostate cancer, treatment options and their side effects.

Family members are welcome to join the patient. Sessions are bi-weekly on Tuesdays.

RAC 3: Access to post-op care

In-Person and Virtual

If a patient’s treatment includes surgery at the Rockyview General Hospital, follow-up care is offered from the PCC’s Post-op Care Nurse Clinician. The nurse is available to provide hospital visits, remove catheters and staples, and provide information to post-op patients in person and by phone.

The PCC provides each patient with a post-op care kit which contains the supplies needed for catheter care after their surgery.

RAC 4: Access to support for mental wellness, incontinence and erectile function

In-Person and Virtual

A PCC nurse will follow up with each patient at the 3-month and 9-month post-op appointments.

Patients are assessed for mental wellness, incontinence and erectile issues, and are offered various treatments or referred to specialists if necessary.

RAC 5: Mike Wilson – Active Surveillance


A clinic for patients who are currently diagnosed with prostate cancer but do not presently require treatment.

A urologist will see them for a DRE and review of their PSA. RAC 5 also runs a study with the Alberta Cancer Research Tumor Bank. Men are invited to participate by contributing a blood, urine and semen sample.

RAC 6: CAMP clinic for metastatic disease


This clinic supports men with advanced prostate cancer with Androgen Deprivation Therapy, management of bone health and consideration of palliative care consults. A PCC nurse assists with patient injections.

RAC 7: Bone health optimization


This clinic aims to help patients in maintaining or improving their bone health, and in preventing patients from having a fragility fracture (fracture from a simple fall). This clinic is for patients currently undergoing hormonal therapy and who have not previously been referred.

Our nurse clinician/bone health coordinator provides education materials and a requisition to have a bone mineral density test completed. The consultation information is compiled and forwarded to our Bone Health Specialist physician for further recommendations and treatment plans.

Mental Wellness Clinic

In-Person and Virtual

The PCC’s mental health nurse provides mental and physical assessments in order to determine any medical needs for support. The mental health nurse assesses a wide range of concerns related to mental health and included education about the connection between mental and physical health.

Patients are provided resources to in-house and community programs if needed.


To register or for more information about Support Classes, please contact the PCC’s Nurse Navigator at 403.943.8972. All support classes except Self-Care with Cancer are for patients post-treatment.

Androgen Deprivation Therapy


This class is offered to patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. Patients receive a workbook designed to help men cope with side effects, some of which can be prevented, and others that can be managed effectively. Classes are facilitated by experts in prostate cancer and androgen deprivation therapy who are either advanced practice regulated health professionals or prostate cancer researchers.

Patients’ partners and/or loved ones are welcome to attend the class. Classes are held monthly via Zoom. To register and for more information please visit

Road to Recovery


This class provides wellness information for prostate cancer patients and their spouses. Presenters include a dietician, kinesiologist, pelvic physiotherapist, and nurses specialized in intimacy, sexual and mental health, and resiliency.

Patients’ partners and/or loved ones are welcome to attend the class. Classes are held every other Tuesday via Zoom.

Strength and Stretch


This class is led by a certified exercise instructor who guides patients through gentle functional fitness, strength and stretching exercises specifically designed for prostate cancer patients.

Brain and Brawn


This class includes functional fitness (movement, balance and body awareness) and relaxation exercises specifically designed for prostate cancer patients.

Wellness Support Group


A post-operative support group for patients and their loved ones to attend throughout their recovery. During each meeting, volunteers share stories of their journey with prostate cancer.

A registered psychologist and nurse are facilitators to support patients with medical information and healthy coping skills. Patients’ partners and/or loved ones are welcome to attend the class.

Self-Care with Cancer


A pre-operative class for patients designed to provide coping skills, support and encouragement to build up their resiliency going into prostate cancer treatment.

Available for patients and loved ones to learn how to cope with overwhelming emotions from being diagnosed with cancer and awaiting treatment.

1:1 Psychologist Visits


Patients struggling with anxiety, depression and coping in regards to their cancer diagnosis, treatment and aftercare can be referred to the PCC’s clinical psychologist. The patient is eligible to receive three, 1:1 visits.

Surgical Options for Incontinence and Erectile Function after Prostate Cancer Treatment


Hosted by Urologist, Dr. Richard Baverstock, topics discussed include: why men experience leakage, surgical treatments for leakage, and surgical treatments for erectile function. Classes are held quarterly.

Intimacy and Erectile Function After Prostate Cancer Treatment


This class is hosted by Urologist, Dr. Jay Lee, Registered Psychologist, Dr. Lauren Walker and PCC’s Sexual Health Practitioner.

This interactive workshop focuses on increasing the patient’s understanding of sexual values as a couple and learning specific skills for maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship post-treatment. This class is held quarterly.

Intracavernous Injection Therapy Clinic

In this class, led by Urologist, Dr. Jay Lee and PCC’s Sexual Health Practitioner, men are taught how to do the intracavernous injection therapy to ensure proper technique and medication dosage. Follow-up care is provided to ensure adequate response to the medication.

Peer Support: One-on-One Phone Connection

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may want to hear how other men have coped with their diagnosis. Our One-on-One Phone Connection program allows patients to connect with other men who have had prostate cancer who are willing to share their stories and experiences.

This is an opportunity to ask questions and share concerns privately. Support for partners of patients is also available.

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