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We are a world-class medical centre dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer and an advocate for men’s health. For over twenty years, the Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) has provided excellence in patient care. We offer comprehensive programs and support services for men and their families as they navigate their prostate cancer journey.

Our wrap-around services include:

Men don’t prioritize or talk about their health so we are here to support them. You can help give them a voice, click to donate now.

Coming together to support men with prostate cancer, many companies, individuals, and families play a key role in raising both awareness and funding.

The Centre offers many programs and services that demonstrate the power of our donors’ dollars at work and we are always available for you to come up and personally see all the great work that is done here.

We offer many programs and services that demonstrate the power of donor dollars at work.

The Prostate Cancer Centre relies completely on private contributions, corporate sponsorships and events.