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I was diagnosed March of 2017 and had my microscopic surgery May 24, 2017.  This year I will be 5 years  cancer free.

When I heard I had cancer, I just wanted to get rid of the invader.

R.J. Jack Paul and his wife, Bonnie

(Bonnie – wife of 50+ years)  I felt I would support Jack in any choices he made.  I wanted to be with him to hear all the doctors’ prognoses and suggestions and then support Jack in his choices.

I, Jack needed most from Bonnie during my journey (and still do) her support and willingness to go as far as we needed, to the end, her encouragement and taking any options to better our lives.

Jack needs my love, kindness, a little humor and positivity.  But most of all he needs my honesty.

Being absolutely open about everything gave Bonnie and I a better understanding.  We need to be open minded and willing to take part.  We are able to have an active sex life because of the choices we made together.

The PCC supplied all kinds of information, sessions for us to attend, and a contact person to answer any questions.

The creative things we do to keep our marriage strong is celebrate all occasions—from little to big.  We try to keep communication lines open between us and between us and our family members.

The advice we would give—don’t be afraid to try all possibilities offered.  Go to sessions, read pamphlets, talk very openly to each other, be kind and patient.  Remember no one asked for this situation, so be gentle with each other and keep your sense of laughter and fun.