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Art Bosch was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. Later that year, after his surgery, he discovered a new program called the MAN VAN.  The MAN VAN is a mobile PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood testing program that helps in the detection of prostate cancer, so Art felt a connection to the program instantly. For the past 10 years, Art has been volunteering with the program, as it has grown from one van to two, and as it has expanded from urban cities to include rural areas as well. Art has helped with driving the MAN VAN, hosting events, and participating in other activities that help the MAN VAN program continue to serve Calgary and surrounding regions.

When asked what has motivated him to continue volunteering for so long, he says, “Knowing that the work I am doing is rewarding and will help someone. Even if the PSA test helps with the early detection of prostate cancer for one person, that’s making a difference. That means that we have helped save one more life with early detection.” He described the program as being unique in that it is the first mobile PSA testing program in Alberta. Art credits early detection for saving his life and wants to ensure that other men have the opportunity to be tested too. “I remember being excited when we announced that we were adding a second van in 2012 because it meant we could help even more people.”

“What makes the MAN VAN different is that we come to you.  We make the testing services accessible for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or in a rural community – chances are, the MAN VAN will make a stop close to you. The best part is that it’s free too!”

MAN VAN program manager, Ken Rabb, extends his appreciation for all volunteers saying, “We are grateful for all of the volunteers that have helped and continue to help the MAN VAN program grow. Volunteers are an integral part of the MAN VAN team, and without them we wouldn’t be able to help provide the services that we provide throughout Alberta.”

Today, Art continues to volunteer his time at many clinics across Alberta in various different roles. On behalf of the MAN VAN Team, thank you Art.