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They may have joined the party with very little (clothing) but they left giving so much. The 9th annual Naked ESPY event raised more than $65,000 for the Prostate Cancer Centre – knocking our socks off by beating the initial $50,000 fundraising goal.

Despite the nippy weather, we had an incredible turnout with 49 brave men running around Inglewood wearing nothing but boxers in an act of solidarity to create awareness about the importance of getting tested for prostate cancer.

The PCC’s signature community outreach program, the MAN VAN™, was on-site to administer free PSA testing. Of the 30 men tested, 50% never had a PSA test before and ten of these tests came back with elevated PSA levels.

“This is why we bring the MAN VAN™ to where the men are,” says Jeff Davison “Being able to reach men who might not have access or know to get tested highlights the importance of this program. We need to reach more men so we can keep raising awareness and provide access to vital healthcare resources.”

The men were rewarded for their baring-it-almost fundraising efforts with complimentary clothing and personal styling from ESPY stylists. The after-party closed the night with live entertainment.

“Year after year, we’re inspired by the passion and energy that our community brings to this event. We’re incredibly grateful for the continued support of education, awareness, and life-saving research,” says Stacey Smith, PCC’s Manager of Development and Communications.

Since 2010, Megan Szanik, ESPY owner, has worked with the PCC to raise more than $334,229 in support of her dad who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. She started this event to raise awareness for others affected by a cancer diagnosis.

To register for next year’s event, follow PCC on Facebook and Instagram (@prostatecancercentre) and ESPY on Facebook or Instagram, and stay tuned for details.