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Glen’s journey with prostate cancer began in 2011 with a routine PSA test at the MAN VAN® stationed at the local UFA cardlock station. Little did he know that this simple test would set the course for a battle against cancer. Glen would receive another PSA test through the MAN VAN® in 2017, the decision to get tested was influenced by the memory of a dear friend and fellow Kinsmen Club member who succumbed to prostate cancer. In honour of his friend, Glen made it his mission to bring awareness and testing to his community in Vulcan every year through the MAN VAN®.

In October of 2017, Glen’s family doctor delivered the news that his PSA levels were elevated, prompting further investigation. Subsequent examinations confirmed the presence of cancer, leading to a biopsy, and, unfortunately, a rare urinary tract infection that landed Glen in the hospital for a week. This experience was particularly harrowing for the couple, as Vicki had recently lost her father to a similar infection.

Faced with the choice between radiation and surgery, Glen and Vicki deliberated carefully before opting for surgery, guided by the reassurance that radiation remained a viable option if needed. Following a successful surgery in April 2018, they were introduced to the Prostate Cancer Centre for post-care.

However, their journey was not without its unexpected twists. Following his recovery, a peculiar incident involving a sneeze and a sudden burst of blood landed Glen back in the emergency room. “Blood started to shoot out of my belly like I had been shot” he says. Despite the scare, they found humor in the situation, when Glen’s doctor recounted that it was just an old pocket of blood and he should have known by the colour, to which Glen replied “Doc, do you think I had any time to take a look at this blood and say its fine, its just old blood”. It’s moments like these, amidst the adversity, that Glen and Vicki leaned on each other’s strength and resilience.

Emotionally, the couple navigated through the diagnosis and treatment, relying on their long-standing bond to weather the storm. Vicki’s unwavering support and humor lifted Glen’s spirits, even through challenging times. Their bond was put to the test when Glen’s cancer had returned after surgery, and, as an alcoholic, Glen relapsed after years of sobriety. It was a moment of vulnerability that shook the foundation of Glen and Vicki’s relationship. He recounts that he was raised in a time when men didn’t openly talk about their struggles, instead would stay silent about what they were going through. It was obvious for Glen that his return to alcohol was a coping mechanism to deal with the challenges of prostate cancer.

Confronted with the reality of his relapse and the resurgence of cancer, Glen embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing, seeking help for his addiction. He admits, “Telling my doctor that I had relapsed and needed help was one of the hardest days of my life.” Glen was given an alcoholic’s support program that he worked through successfully, and now, has proudly reclaimed his sobriety. It was a pivotal moment—one fraught with fear and uncertainty yet brimming with courage and determination. Together, Glen and Vicki weathered the storm, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever.

As they grappled with the return of cancer and the side effects of treatment, Glen and Vicki found solace in their family and community support. Glen’s determination to witness milestones like his granddaughter’s high school graduation fueled his resilience, reminding him of the precious moments worth fighting for.

As Glen rang the bell signifying the completion of his radiation therapy, he vowed that he would take his family to Disneyland. His plans were slightly derailed by COVID, but in May 2023 was able to bring his family to Disneyland and enjoy a beautiful trip with his granddaughter and grandson. Glen and Vicki stress how important family is to them and that they have instilled in their three sons the importance of getting tested for prostate cancer once they are the appropriate age.

Glen now spends his time giving back to the community through groups like Physicians Recruitment and Retention Committee and more recently with the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation. Glen is proud of being part of the team that helped build a new 6-million-dollar wing at his local hospital.

Throughout it all, their marriage of 48 years stood as a testament to their enduring love and commitment. They found joy in the laughter they shared, even in the face of adversity. And as they continue their journey, Glen and Vicki remain steadfast in their belief that together, they can overcome any obstacle life throws their way.

In their story, we find inspiration and hope—a reminder that love, laughter, and unwavering support can conquer even the toughest of battles.