This November, Don Bayrack is Doubling Your Donations

If early detection and annual checkups were part of a man’s annual health routine, there would be far fewer men with advanced prostate cancer.

A picture of good health

Unfortunately, due to lack of education and awareness around the availability of prostate cancer screening tools, or simply waiting too long to get checked, there are now many men who are battling advanced prostate cancer. 

Thanks to his positive experience at Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre, Don has made the decision to pay it forward. For the 2019 Keep It In Calgary fundraising campaign, Don has made a commitment to match all donations raised in the month of November up to a total of $50,000. The goal for this campaign is to raise, and hopefully exceed, $100,000 so that the Centre can continue to deliver critical support to local men and their families.

Dr. Geoff Gotto

Don owes a large part of his experience at Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre to his Urologist, Dr. Gotto, who is passionate about caring for men with advanced prostate cancer. In fact, Dr. Gotto’s grandfather, a Commander in the Canadian Navy, was diagnosed with an advanced stage of prostate cancer several years ago, at a time when there were not many treatment options available.

Local Calgarian, Don Bayrack, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and referred to Calgary Urologist Dr. Geoff Gotto. He then underwent treatment in the CAMP (Clinic for Advanced & Metastatic Prostate Cancer) Clinic provided through Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre. Today, Don is grateful to say he has no signs of cancer and is able to return to the activities he loves, like working on his golf game.

After seeing many men neglect their own health in favor of taking care of their families, Dr. Gotto started the CAMP Clinic for advanced prostate cancer patients at Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre which he still oversees today. In this clinic, patients are referred by Family Physicians, other Urologists, and Medical and Radiation Oncologists. Some patients have started treatments and others have been unsuccessful with more than one treatment, which lead them to this clinic. The CAMP Clinic provides central access and standardized up-to-date care with access to the newest treatment options so that these men have the best chance of survival possible.

Dr. Gotto also oversees the clinical trials that are improving the current standard of care for men with advanced prostate cancer. These trials are crucial because they will allow us to help shape the treatment of prostate cancer in the future. 

This November, please consider supporting the important work local Urologists like Dr. Gotto does for local men like Don by Keeping It In Calgary. Together, with your support, we are making a difference.