The Big Ball 2022

We are proud to reintroduce The Big Ball 2022. On March 11, 2022, we will once again be at the Hotel Arts, raising funds and recommitting our efforts to reduce the disparities that exist in gender health.

The world has definitely changed since we last met. Our fourth rendition of The Big Ball could not come at a more important time. The disparities in gender health inequity have been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has killed 13 men for every 10 women, and has affected men’s mental health in an equally disparate fashion.

At Women for Men’s Health and at the Prostate Cancer Center, we are mourning and celebrating this year’s Big Ball Ambassador, Dr. Jun Kawakami. Jun lost his life to an aggressive pancreatic cancer in August 2021.

Prior to his premature death, he was building a program in pre-habilitation medicine at the Prostate Cancer Centre/Men’s Health Center. This work strives to ensure that patients’ physical, mental and emotional health is optimized pretreatment – to ensure best possible outcomes, post therapy, for serious diseases including prostate cancer

As we reintroduce The Big Ball, and recommit our support to improve the gender health disparities that continue to exist, we are excited to confirm that the proceeds of The Big Ball 2022 will be used to continue to develop the Kawakami Pre-habilitation Clinic and related programs at the Prostate Cancer Centre.

On March 11, 2022, please join us at the beautiful Hotel Arts, as we spend an evening raising funds for this initiative and recommit our efforts to reduce the disparities that exist in gender health.

Please visit to purchase tickets.


Shelley Spaner, MD
Women for Men’s Health

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