Spotlight on the Specialist: Meet Dr. Summit Sawhney

Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre is so proud to have an incredible partnership with EFW Radiology and Radiologist Dr. Summit Sawhney. Husband, father, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, Staff Radiologist in the Division of Abdominal and Pelvic Imaging and Intervention at Foothills Medical Centre and South Health Campus, and Partner at EFW Radiology.

Get to know about Dr. Summit Sawhney and his work below:

Why did you choose Radiology?

Radiology perked my interest while in a medical school anatomy class. I witnessed the synergy between anatomy and clinical medicine in diagnosing various medical conditions. I have always been a visual person, so naturally I was drawn to imaging as a way to diagnose and treat patients. I have always been surgically inclined, and the interventional radiology scope of my practice has allowed me to maintain my procedure skill set, as well as my passion for continuing to interact with patients. I take great pride in not only being able to interpret x-rays, ultrasounds, CT and MRI exams, but also having the ability to perform minor surgical procedures with image guidance to treat patients and diagnose various medical conditions. 

What is a fusion biopsy?

If you have had a prostate MRI showing a suspicious area for prostate cancer, you will need a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. A “Fusion Biopsy” is the most accurate way of diagnosing prostate cancer in this clinical setting. This is a highly technical ultrasound procedure that specifically targets an area suspicious for prostate cancer, using information from your prostate MRI.

EFW Radiology and Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre were the first in Canada to purchase and utilize the UroNav MR/Ultrasound guided fusion biopsy system, which is a system widely trusted and used across most major academic centers in the United States. EFW Prostate Radiologists have performed over 300 of these fusion biopsies at Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre and we are proud to be able to offer this to men in Southern Alberta. 

Why are we doing fusion biopsies?

An MRI – Ultrasound fusion biopsy system allows your EFW Prostate Radiologist to accurately biopsy a suspicious area within the prostate gland.  In order to continue providing the highest and most up to date prostate cancer care to the well deserving men of Southern Alberta, EFW Radiology purchased this software. We are the only centre in Alberta to provide true targeted prostate biopsies. This allows patients with a suspicious prostate MRI to receive an accurate biopsy, leading to a quicker diagnosis of prostate cancer which means earlier treatment and better outcomes. 

Our success in performing these biopsies has been substantial, and has led to more accurate diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer, and preventing the need for repeat biopsies. Our concordance rate between the prostate MRI and biopsy result reached as high as 85%, which is exceptional. Furthermore, our complication rates post biopsy remain incredibly low at 2.9%. This data has been published and shared with colleagues across Canada. The PCC has become a standard of excellence in performing these fusion biopsies.

Do you have any advice for prostate cancer patients?

I recognize that many patients are anxious prior to their prostate biopsy and it can be a nerve racking procedure to prepare for. Try and relax and take a deep breath. Most of my patients have found the procedure to be very tolerable and quick.  I can assure you with our experience and expertise you are in good hands – and we will do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable.