Researchers turn to yoga exercises to help men recovering from prostate cancer

A new prostate cancer exercise program developed at the Faculty of Kinesiology is helping men regain their strength and flexibility using some methods that many older men have never tried before – like yoga

The program, called Strength and Stretch, is partly based on a recent paper, “Examining a therapeutic yoga program for prostate cancer survivors,” published in the June 12 edition of Integrative Cancer Therapies by Kinesiology researcher Nicole Culos-Reed and her former MSc student, Ashley Ross-Zahavich.

The yoga study is part of ongoing research by Culos-Reed’s lab that has shown that strength and flexibility training is crucial for men recovering from prostate cancer.

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  1. Deniz

    it was the best option. After reviomng the prostate and glands I still have the cancer. The Doctor really doesn’t know how bad it is until it’s removed and a biopsy done on it. Radiation won’t cause any more problems than the surgery. It depends on how well the Doctor does his job. If I could do it over I would go with radiation and maybe hormones. Any treatment for prostate cancer can cause problems. Loss of bladder control and sexual problems.

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