Research Update – September 2015

July 24, 2015 was a very busy and important day for the Prostate Cancer Centre! Dr. Desmond Pink came from Edmonton to test a new laboratory machine that is currently helping researchers identify new biomarkers and possible new tests for prostate cancer. Our research team worked together with Dr. Eric Hyndman to get the word out for people with prostate cancer to volunteer their time to donate biological samples for research. Participants of the Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative (APCaRI) also donated blood, urine, and semen, allowing Dr. Pink to get a very good variety of samples to test! If the patients did not have prostate cancer they were enrolled in a different research study that is focused on how a vasectomy changes the content of semen compared to semen from men who have not had a vasectomy. The logic behind this project is due to the fact that the secretions from the prostate make up to 30% of semen and should be unaffected by the presence of a vasectomy, thus, it seems like a good avenue to explore for having a better test for prostate cancer. To use semen as a test for prostate cancer we must first lay the groundwork down to determine the normal content of semen for men with and without vasectomies. Both of these studies are ongoing and any one can join at any time! Just call the PCC Research office at 403-943-8942.