Stress Check

The Stress Check provides a quick check in on a client’s mental health. Answering a few questions can alert us to any symptoms that might be associated with mental illness. On the MAN VAN, the Stress Check is performed by using the PHQ-9 questionnaire. The questions focus on depression; a common, treatable mental illness. These symptoms can also be related to physical illnesses. Once completed, a score is provided. Clients who experience symptoms will be advised to follow up with a health care provider who can complete a thorough examination to better understand the cause.

Understanding Your Score: 

  • 0-9  Symptoms are absent or mild. If any symptoms become worse or do not go away, it may be worth contacting your health care provider.
  • 10-19  Symptoms are being experienced to a moderate or severe degree. This is concerning. They should be checked by your health care provider to determine what is causing them. A complete examination is recommended.
  • 20-27  Symptoms are being experienced at a severe level. A complete evaluation is strongly recommended by a health care provider.
  • Item #9 – This asks about thoughts of being better off dead or hurting yourself. Experiencing thoughts like these is considered serious and follow up with a health care provider is required and should be considered urgent.

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Help is available for anyone thinking about suicide or feels that they are in a crisis.

For direct suicide support call: 1-833-4564566 (24/7/365) or text 45645 (daily 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, MT)

Distress Centre Calgary and surrounding areas
Crisis 24 hours:(403) 266-4357

Crisis Support Centre, Edmonton and Northern Alberta
Crisis 24 hours:1-800-232-7288 (Toll free available to Northern Alberta)
Crisis 24 hours: (780) 482-4357

Distress Line of Southwestern Alberta (Canadian Mental Health Association)
Serving Chinook Health Region and south part of Calgary
Crisis 24 hours: 1-888-787-2880
Crisis 24 hours: (403) 327-7905

Health LinkDial 8-1-1

Mental Health Help Line – call toll-free 1-877-303-2642 (24/7)

In crisis or emergency? Attend a hospital Emergency Department, or call 9-1-1

For other social supports, call or text: 2-1-1. This is the information line for community, social and government services like crisis hotlines. For example: crisis intervention support, counselling services and domestic violence help lines.

2-1-1 is answered by the Calgary Distress centre. Staff use the Inform Alberta database to search available supports that will assist a caller.

This database is available to everyone online at:

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