Newly Diagnosed FAQ

Newly Diagnosed FAQ

What are the wait times for surgery?

Once your urologist has booked your surgery, the wait can be 1-3 months, depending on the type of surgery and the doctor.

How do I see a urologist?

You need a doctor to refer you to one of the 16 Urologists in Calgary. This doctor can be from out of province.

If my PSA level is high, do I have cancer?

Not necessarily. High PSA level can be caused by a number of factors. Read more here.

After a surgical treatment, do I need to continue getting my PSA tested?

Yes. You will need to have your PSA tested at 3 and 6 months after surgery and yearly after that.

Does an MRI or CAT scan work in diagnosing prostate cancer?

No. These tests are generally not used to diagnose prostate cancer. If cancer is detected and it appears to be advanced, a bone scan may be done to rule out metastasis.

How do I re-book or cancel my biopsy?

Contact EFW at 403.541.1200

What is active surveillance?

Sometimes a biopsy shows that a patient has low risk cancer, but it isn’t necessary to treat it. Your urologist may discuss actively monitoring your PSA and DRE and perhaps order repeat biopsies.

Can I be treated without Alberta Health Care?

Please discuss this with your urologist.

Where can I get a PSA test?

A PSA test can be ordered from your family doctor, a doctor at a walk-in clinic, or at the MAN VAN. To find out when the VAN will be near you click here.

Do you know of any alternatives to surgery and radiation in reducing the growth of this disease via diet and exercise/ lifestyle change?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet are good ways to help fight cancer and an exercise counsellor and dietitian would be able to help you with that. If you have a diagnosis of cancer, it is important to follow up with your urologist. Depending on the cancer, you may be able to have active surveillance, where a urologist would be monitoring your PSA and performing digital rectal exams regularly. If the risk becomes higher, surgery or radiation may be recommended.

What happens to my personal belongings when I go into surgery?

You will be admitted to Daycare. Everything will be stored there and sent up to your room on Unit 82 after your surgery. Please leave valuables at home.