Patient Testimonial: Tim C.

I’m 57 years old and have had PSA tests since my early 40’s as part of my annual physical checkup. Around five years ago, my doctor noticed that my PSA reading was on the high side of normal, and I was referred to a urologist.  I then started having PSA tests every six months.  In the fall of 2020, my PSA rose to a level where my urologist recommended a prostate biopsy.  I had the biopsy in December 2020 and a small amount of cancer was found.  The cancer was confirmed through an MRI.

Around this time, I was introduced to Calgary  Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC).  My wife and I attended a PCC webinar that explained the many treatment options for my cancer.  The webinar was excellent, and helped me choose surgery as my preferred treatment.

I had a prostatectomy (prostate removal surgery) in March 2021.  A PCC nurse visited me in the hospital and  registered me for the Road to Recovery webinar.  This was  a very informative session, and included expert presentations in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and  prostate surgery recovery.  The presentation also detailed the many programs and resources that are available for prostate cancer patients through  PCC.

When I left the hospital, I was given a bag of medical supplies that I would need during the first few weeks of my recovery.  As a 15 year Priddis Greens member, I was very proud to see a note in the bag indicating that the supplies were donated by the Priddis Greens Charity Classic!  The Charity Classic is an annual event that is a major source of funding for  PCC.

My recovery is going very well.  I am back to golfing and I am doing an at-home exercise program that was created for me by an exercise physiologist recommended by PCC.

While getting a cancer diagnosis is not something anyone wants, I feel very fortunate to live in an area where such great support is available.  My Urologist and Calgary  Prostate Cancer Centre have been wonderful every step of the way. 

My message to men over 40 is this – please get your PSA tested regularly.  Prostate cancer is very treatable and curable if you find it in the early stages.  The PSA test is easy and can literally save your life.

Also, please support the Priddis Greens Charity Classic if you can. Without this tournament, PCC would not be able to offer the great programs and resources that it does.