Nutty beer night pitches in for prostate cancer centre

Your faithful social scribe takes great pleasure in supporting myriad causes — none more so than prostate cancer. With one in seven men affected by the disease, prostate cancer is something we should all be aware of — and support fundraising initiatives that increase education and, of course, fund finding a cure.


One of the more “interesting” initiatives was the recent NutRaiser event held at Bottlescrew Bill’s on July 4. The super folks at Village Brewery concocted an ale using the secret ingredient of bull testicles. And the catch was simple. If enough funds were raised, yours truly and famed urologist Dr. Bryan Donnelly would drink (sip?) the prairie-oyster laden beer. Guests paid $100 a glass to join in on the fun, and at the end of the day, nearly $10,000 was raised for the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre. Suffice to say, Dr. D and I did consume said suds — which were surprisingly palatable.

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