NUTraiser 2017

On July 6th from 6-8pm an epic, weird, and truly western Fundraiser will take place at Bottlescrew Bills. Inviting you to the 5th Annual NUTraiser brought to you by Village Brewery – the only time you are given the opportunity to drink a Prairie Oyster Ale. And if you don’t know what a Prairie Oyster is then just google it…sorry.

This year we are blessed to have a few great Calgarians to help us with the Prairie Oyster Ale recipe. Brett Wilson, Bret Hart, Fraser Tuff, and Christy Farrell are working with a chef from Bottlescrew Bills and a brewer from Village Brewery to bring you their version of a testicle tall boy, a bulls ball beer…again, sorry.

Each beer is $100, that’s right you even have to pay to drink the beer…but don’t worry it’s all going to a great cause, Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre.

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What: Prairie Oyster Ale Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Centre

Where: Bottlescrew Bills –  140 10 Ave SW

When: July 6th, 6-8pm

How: Buy a $100 Bulls Balls Beer in advance or at the event. This also gets you access into Bottlescrew Bills and you will receive an tax receipt (NOTE: You must be over the age of 18 to drink the beer).

Why: Prostate Cancer Centre is 100% privately funded and this is a fun way for you to help

Purchase your prairie oyster ale here.