Nine years on and still feeling “Strong Like Bull”, but now realizing that the bull has just had his 70th Birthday and is only as strong as a 70 year old bull!!!!.  I guess as long as I go on thinking I’m 35, I will attempt to and hopefully achieve a 35 year olds ambitions.  However, bearing in mind that surgery for Prostate cancer will put certain limitations on these ambitions, one can only dream, smile and enjoy the world around you. What a wonderful journey it has been to be in at the beginning of “The Man Van” and watch it evolve the last few years.  From the first few men that we managed to cajole on board to get tested, to the thousands that now have been tested and willingly flock to whatever destination the van might be at.

Sitting on the Board of the Prostate Cancer Centre and watching the dedication of the medical staff in the new Urology Centre, as well as the ever increasing staff and volunteers, pouring thousands of hours toward the ultimate cure and eradication of Advanced Prostate Cancer, one can only sit back and marvel at the incredible achievement made by all, as a result of the foresight by a few.

I hope I can continue to be “Strong like Bull” for many years to come, continuing to give back and enhance the lives of men.

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