My journey down the Prostate Cancer trail started in the Fall of 2001. I went to my GP for an annual check-up and for the first time he did the DRE check; the result of which was that he detected a little roughness on one side of the Prostate Gland. I was referred to an Urologist who again did the DRE and sent me for a PSA test (only slightly above normal). As a result of these examination/tests I was scheduled for a biopsy; now what the heck was that all about. Back then the Biopsies were done at the Glenmore Trail site (there was no volunteer that day to explain the biopsy procedure) – so I had the procedure and waited for two weeks to hear from my Urologist.

I received a phone call and was told that my Urologist wanted to see me. That meeting will be forever etched in my memory as to be told that I had the big “C” was devastating.

Although I heard the rest of the conversation I did not remember much of it as all I could think of was that I was in trouble. I went home and told my wife of the results and I remember saying that” I was finished”. To her credit she would not hear of that kind of talk and that it would all would work out with a positive result.

The remedy I chose was radical prostatectomy which turned out to be very successful. It is now almost 12 years since my surgery and I am classed as Cancer free. I was one of the lucky ones who did not insist on annual checks (did not even know that I should do this) and only because of my GP who did the DRE examination I am now a Prostate Cancer Graduate.

I started volunteering at the Prostate Cancer Center in 2004. I was determined that I wanted to help to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer so that other men would not be in the potential risk position I was personally in. I find it very rewarding chatting with those scheduled for biopsies as well as their spouses. The unknown can be a little scary and I try to alleviate that concern/stress.

I am fortunate to be a Prostate Cancer Graduate and very proud to be part of the volunteer group at the Prostate Cancer Center; we try to make a difference.

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