Read testimonials from men who have survived prostate cancer.

Connecting and sharing knowledge with other patients and their families is key to deeper insights and positive change.


“It all started towards the end of 1998 when my G.P. suggested that I should have a PSA test when I was having the other “normal” tests …”

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“My story starts when I got the news from my brother in 2008 that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was 61 years old and in good health”

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“My journey down the Prostate Cancer trail started in the Fall of 2001. I went to my GP for an annual check-up and for the first time he did the DRE check”

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“In May of 2012, Andrew was diagnosed with early stage Prostate Cancer, with early detection, he was able to tackle the disease and become a graduate with the successful outcome.”

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“David arrived in Calgary in 1953 and did most of his schooling and university here. He was a high school Biology teacher …”

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“I retired from my aviation career in 2009. One part of my ongoing medical monitoring had included an annual PSA test. Results were always on the high side of normal but normal nonetheless.”

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“As is the case with virtually all other men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, my diagnosis came as a complete surprise. My PSA had been flat-lined at about 4.0 for 15 years, my annual physical check-ups were normal”

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“Two days before my wife and I were to move from Victoria, BC to Calgary, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I was 55 and had been having no indication at all that there was a problem. My family doctor had been sending me for PSA tests every two years”

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“My lifetime careers included Marine Navigator, Banker and Rent-a-Car. A few months after I retired at age 65 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

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