New U of C inspired program uses yoga to help prostate cancer survivors

A new exercise program combining strength training and yoga, to help prostate cancer survivors get back to optimum health, is seeing success in Calgary.

Lisa Daroux-Cole, Strength and Stretch program coordinator, said the exercise program is based on research from the University of Calgary which shows strength and flexibility training is crucial for men recovering from prostate cancer.

“So far we’ve seen a lot of positive results. The participants seem to be getting a huge social benefit from the program as well,” said Daroux-Cole.

Gary Cain, a cancer survivor and participant in the program said many men recovering from prostate cancer surgery can’t wait to get back to the activities he’s loved like golf.

He said the Strength and Stretch program helps reduce fear after surgery.

“You’re sharing with other people who have gone through the same operation so you’re sharing the pain, or shouldering the pain of that,” said Cain.

He said friends who’ve had similar operations and haven’t followed the Strength and Stretch program have had a harder time getting back to a normal life.

The program’s researchers and coordinators hope to see similar strength and stretch classes offered across Canada.

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