The MAN VAN and the YMCA – Partners in Good Health

The MAN VAN and the YMCA – Partners in Good Health

Author: Inverpal Braich, PCC Volunteer Writer

Picture taken by Inverpal Braich

Since its inception in 2009, the MAN VAN program has continued to grow each year to serve more men throughout Calgary and surrounding areas.   On April 13th, the MAN VAN continued its journey and made a stop at the Saddletowne YMCA in northeast Calgary for yet another successful clinic.

Darshan Grewal expressed gratitude for the ease in accessibility of the MAN VAN by saying, “sometimes it’s difficult for people my age to make the trip to the doctor so having a program like the MAN VAN that comes to your community is really helpful and we need more services like this.”

Darshan Grewal continued, “We often hear about cancer but don’t know much about it. I think it’s great that the clinic not only allows people to get tested but also has information available to educate us on prostate cancer.”

The clinic featured many attendees from diverse backgrounds, who visited the MAN VAN for a free baseline Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test, blood pressure, blood sugar and waist circumference measurements. Baldev Singh Dhatt and Kardar Singh were appreciative of the friendly volunteers and staff.  Kardar Singh stated, “having friendly people that understood me and communicated with me in my language made me feel really comfortable throughout the entire process.”

Kardar Singh went on to further say, “it’s refreshing to see that programs like this exist. I encourage everyone to attend these clinics so that they can get tested for free. I am thankful for the people that support this program and hope that people continue to support these clinics so that they can continue.”

The MAN VAN program manager, Ken Rabb was ecstatic with the turnout at the Saddletowne YMCA clinic and explained, “the MAN VAN program is thankful for the YMCA and all of our other sponsors that allow us to grow the program and continue strong each year.”

For more information, contact Ken Rabb at 403-943-8952 or visit our website: