Man Van celebrates Father’s Day in Okotoks

Cancer was a tragedy Linda McNaughton had to deal with every day as an employee at the Prostate Cancer Centre in Okotoks, but home always offered welcome respite.

Until her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“When he was diagnosed it was really shocking,” said McNaughton, director of community and strategic initiative for the Prostate Cancer Centre in Calgary. “Before that this was just a job, I thought there was no way I would have to live with this every day.”

McNaughton did have to live with her husband’s cancer every day during his treatment and subsequent recovery.

However, now with the ordeal over, in retrospect, McNaughton said the experience has helped her in dealing with families impacted by prostate cancer.

“Doing this job I dealt with many women whose husbands had prostate cancer, but because I went through it I have an empathy for them I didn’t have before,” she explained.

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