Life After Prostate Class

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt on the educational classes offered at Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) , the clinical team was determined to find a way to offer classes remotely to our patients.  It was necessary to find a platform that protects both the patient’s confidentiality and privacy, so the Clinical team decided to implement ZOOM to deliver the class.

Our clinical nurse, Anthony, worked with the Life After Prostate (LAP) presenters in order to enhance the educational component of the class. This class was chosen as PCC had not been able to deliver the presentation since the beginning of March, despite men still receiving prostatectomies and needing post-recovery support. The online class included educational information on the topics of nutrition, exercise, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and sexual health.

Anthony reached out to the men who had registered for the class in March and asked  if they would be interested in attending the inaugural online class. The majority of the participants were tech savvy and as a result, we had 100% participation in the first class on April 7th.    

After receiving positive feedback from both the patients and presenters, a second session was scheduled for April 21st. Anthony is also working with the various physicians to deliver an online format for the Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer class. 

* Please Note: Life After Prostate classes are for patients who have received treatment.