Having a beer to raise funds for prostate cancer research

Hundreds of Calgarians gathered at the Village Brewery on Thursday night for a good cause. The fourth annual Village NUTRaiser for prostate cancer had two prominent Calgarians boasting about the beer they helped make. Pints of the brews brewed by Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and W. Brett Wilson were offered to members of the crowd who had donated $100 or more. Guests has an opportunity to try a Prairie Oyster Ale. created with assistance from Bottlescrew Bills chef and Village Brewery’s brewer. Jim Button, Village Brewery’s cofounder, says the event embodies the vision he had when starting the business. “I’m just so happy that we can start off Stampede in a way like this,” said Button. “It’s a meaningful thing for community. Get people together, do something purposeful, it’s why I started the Village and I hope to keep doing these things for many more years.”

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