The inaugural #nakedespy took place back in 2010 when the father of Megan Szanik, the proprietor of the contemporary fashion boutique espy, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Compelled to help raise awareness for others affected by a cancer diagnosis in the community and utilizing her boutique store, the concept of #nakedespy was born.

Through this all-day men’s event, participants raise both money and awareness about men’s health for Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre. As a reward for their fundraising efforts, participants receive over $1,000 of clothes as a gift from espy. As part of the event, all #nakedespy participants strip down to their underwear and parade around the Inglewood neighbourhood before returning to espy to get fitted in their new clothes.

Through the years, #nakedespy has sparked interest and attention from both the local Calgary community as well as Canada-wide. Nine years later, the 2019 edition of #nakedespy was a huge success. With stability, commitment, and community spirit, participants of #nakedespy raised over $55,000 for Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre. This brings the total raised by #nakedespy through the years to an incredible $215,000. A big thank you to Megan and the espy team!