Global Action on Men’s Health Organization

We are officially a member with Global Action on Men’s Health.

Who is Global Action on Men’s Health?

Global Action on Men’s Health’s mission is to create a world where all men and boys have the opportunity to achieve the best possible health and well-being wherever they live and whatever their backgrounds. Far too many men and boys suffer from health and well-being problems that can be prevented. Globally, male life expectancy at birth is just 70 years but poor male health is not recognized or tackled by global health organisations or most national governments.


GAMH wants to see:

  • Global health organisations and national governments address the health and wellbeing needs of men and boys in all relevant policies
  • Men and boys encouraged and supported to take better care of their own health as well as the health of their partners and children
  • Health practitioners take greater account of the specific needs of men and boys in service delivery, health promotion and clinical practice
  • Other agencies and organisations, such as schools and workplaces, helped to be more aware of their significant impact on the health of men and boys
  • Sustained multi-disciplinary research into the health of men and boys
  • An approach to health that fully recognises the needs of both sexes in policy, practice and funding and which promotes greater gender equality.


GAMH is supported by an increasing number of men’s health organisations around the world and acts as a focal point for a new network of men’s health and other organisations around the world that support its aims and objectives. It welcomes the involvement of all those who support its goals.

For more information, see GAMH can also be followed on Twitter @globalmenhealth.