Duane’s Christmas Miracle

One of Duane’s favorite holidays is Christmas. It’s a special time of year he looks forward to where he can spend lots of quality time with his wife of 50 years, Elaine, his two kids and four grandchildren.

Duane Brown is a great guy. He is retired from the Calgary Police Service and loves to spend his free time, travelling, volunteering and meeting new people.

In September 2017, after a routine visit to his family doctor, Duane’s PSA blood test result returned higher than normal range. His family doctor referred him to the Prostate Cancer Centre’s expedited Rapid Access Clinic and a follow-up subsequent biopsy. After reviewing Duane’s biopsy results, Dr. Geoffrey Gotto, his Urologist, confirmed Duane had a positive diagnosis of prostate cancer. Duane felt confident in his surgeon’s skills and his date for prostatectomy surgery was scheduled for December 22nd 2017.

Although Duane was grateful his cancer would be taken care of quickly, there was a possibility that he might not be able to celebrate his favorite holiday with his family.

After surgery, Dr. Gotto and his team continued monitoring Duane very closely. Their passion and dedication comforted Duane as he endured his post-surgery side effects. Duane was improving every day and on December 24th afternoon, Dr. Gotto came to his room and said “You’re going home.” and soon Duane was discharged.

Duane was extremely happy to find out that he can be with his family on Christmas Eve. “I didn’t care if I received any other presents, I got to be home for Christmas. It was the best Christmas present I ever received and I will remember that every single year.”

Duane continues to have his yearly check and encourages other men to do the same. He is a strong advocate and an integral part of the volunteer program at the Prostate Cancer Centre. Duane has been helping the Prostate Cancer with the MAN VAN for over 3 years, sharing his journey with prostate cancer and educating other men on the importance of getting checked 1 in 8 Canadian men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime. Prostate Cancer is almost 100% treatable when detected early.

This holiday, please consider giving to the Prostate Cancer Centre. Your donation will help to keep men like Duane home for Christmas this year and in the years to come.