Dr. Shelley Spaner: Breaking the Barrier for Men’s Health

Dr. Spaner founded the Women for Men’s Health (WFMH) initiative after witnessing the disparity between women’s and men’s health firsthand. Motivated by the visible gap in the current system, which frequently sees men fall through the healthcare cracks, the initiative’s primary goals are to shift men’s behaviour towards preventing treatable disease and maintaining good health, as well as mobilizing women in this effort. Her vision was to create a program at Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre that resides within the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology (SAIU) that is all-inclusive and accessible for men. This initiative mobilizes women as key players in helping to shift men’s behaviours towards maintaining their health. WFMH annually holds the Big Ball Gala, where this year all proceeds will go to continue the development of the Kawakami Pre-habilitation Clinic at the Prostate Cancer Centre. The Clinic’s primary goal is to support men and their families facing the mental and physical challenges that accompany severe health issues including prostate cancer.

Dr. Spaner is also a partner of Mayfair Diagnostics and a specialist in diagnostic radiology. She completed her Medical Degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and is a member of the Alberta Society and the Canadian Association of Radiologists, the Society of Abdominal Radiologists, and the Radiological Society of North America.