Coping with Change

It has been said that the only thing constant in life is change. People change, circumstances change, things change. Change can be small, big, subtle or sudden. Sometimes it is a breeze, other times it is a painful process. Change may be a choice we make, or it may be imposed on us. A new job, getting married, starting a family, moving house – these are examples of life changes we may experience. Some people view change as a positive challenge, others fret and agonize over the consequences of new situations. Few of us deal with change without feeling unruffled, so here are some tips to help deal with it more effectively.

Do not rush it: Change involves a transition from one set of circumstances to another. Give yourself time to adjust and settle down.

Expect a reaction: Emotions will be stirred up. Let yourself laugh, cry or feel moody about it. Change often involves a degree of loss, so it is OK to grieve a little and feel nostalgic.

Do not take it personally: Change happens. That is life. It has nothing to do with you. Do not obsess over who is to blame or why it happened.

Go with the flow: Do not resist or be too rigid. Be flexible, ride out the storm, and see how things turn out.

Do not go it alone: Talk to your family and close friends. Share your problems with people you trust. Others may offer a different angle to the situation.

Do not focus on the negative: If you keep looking at the bad side of things, you might miss the good. The glass is also half-full, remember?

Break it up: A large problem will seem less insurmountable when divided into little ones. Work on them one at a time, and give yourself a pat on the back each time you overcome one.

Learn from it: With new experiences, we grow wiser and stronger. Wisdom helps us make better decisions in future.

Balance your life: It is important to have a personal life to fall back on to help you through tough times. Take time to be with your friends and family.

Know that it will end: No matter how big or difficult, change ends when the new circumstances are in place and become familiar. Normality will return. Keep this in mind.

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