CMDA Auto & Truck Show

This year’s show, held in March at the BMO Centre was packed with the latest and greatest cars on the market. Among the gleam and glamour, the MAN VAN was there, giving free PSA blood tests to men over 40. During the 5 day event, over 200 men lined up to get tested.

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  1. Dale Walsh

    Thank you PCC !!!

    My name is Dale Walsh I’m 63 years old in March 2013 at the Calgary Car show I stepped into the Man Van and am so thankful for it. I have consistently had my yearly medical and digital exam since I was 45. My Doctor did not use the PSA test to bench mark my PSA as part of the exam so I was totally unaware of what my PSA was? Was he wrong, no but I do believe today that if he had we may have seen my numbers escalate to 25 the number my blood test showed after my Man Van visit.

    After the Man Van visit I was directed to the Prostate Cancer Center and was truly amazed at what was available for men, we are so fortunate. During my visit and Digital exam with Dr. Donnelly he too thought my Prostate was normal (smooth) but my numbers were abnormal and a biopsy was required.
    After the biopsy a high percentage of samples contained cancer, I was shocked and worried but was so thankful again that the PSA test in the Man Van had detected something may be wrong. The weird thing was I was feeling great.

    So, do I agree with the Canadian Task Force, sorry no. I am disappointed in their analysis as it would have put my future in jeopardy. A PSA test itself may not be the answer but combing all of the other tests physical and medical has given me a second chance all because of the PSA test.

    Thanks PCC, what a great staff of Doctors, Nurses, Administration and Volunteers. I was treated great with a high degree of professionalism and care, everyone I met was so informative as they cared for my family and I.

    Note: since my diagnosis I have been an active supporter of “Get Checked” and have informed many men to add it to there yearly physical of these men 4 have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, enough said.

    Respectively submitted,

    Dale Walsh

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