Current Clinical Studies

Below is a list of the current Clinical studies at the Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC):

NED (No Evidence of Disease): A 5-year, multi-site research effort to design, develop and implement a nurse-led, algorithm enhanced virtual survivorship clinic for prostate cancer patients. For more information, contact our Study Coordinator Zan Ramji at 403.943.9014 or

Peak-RP Study – Participating in Tai Chi to Reduce Anxiety and Keep up Physical Function: The purpose of this study is to test an online Tai Chi intervention as a prehabilitation model to prepare prostate cancer patients and their caregivers for radical prostatectomy. This research will help us determine how to deliver an online-based Tai Chi intervention for prostate cancer patients, to understand the effects of a Tai Chi intervention on anxiety leading up to the surgery, on physical function and on patient reported outcomes before and after surgery. For more information, contact Candace Frey, LPN, at 403.943.8958 or