Please check below for further information about your clinic:

  • Rapid Access Clinic I: This clinic is open and taking referrals from the urologists.
  • Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer: This clinic is currently being offered remotely.
  • Post-Operative Support: This clinic is offering post-operative support to patients at Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre.
  • Continence and Erectile Function: All appointments for this clinic are being conducted over the phone. 
  • Active Surveillance – Prostate: All Active Surveillance patients will have an appointment mailed out to them. On the day of the appointment, they will receive a phone call from their urologist. At this time we are still asking that you repeat lab work for this appointment.
  • Clinic for Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer (CAMP): Patients will receive a letter in the mail with the upcoming details of the appointment. These clinics will be held at Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre.
  • Bone Health: This clinic is currently being offered remotely.
  • Research: Our Research department is open and seeing patients on-site for all research related visits.
  • Biopsy: EFW will be providing biopsies at PCC as determined by the urologists. If you have recently been scheduled for a biopsy, please ensure that you follow social distancing rules while attending your appointment.