Please check below for further information about your clinic:

  • Rapid Access Clinic I: This clinic is open and taking referrals from the urologists.
  • Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer: This clinic is currently being offered remotely.
  • Post-Operative Support: This clinic is offering post-operative support to patients at Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre.
  • Continence and Erectile Function: All appointments for this clinic are being conducted over the phone. 
  • Active Surveillance – Prostate: This clinic is open and patients will either be seen in person in the office or have their visit conducted over the phone. You will receive an appointment reminder call and will be notified whether the Urologist will give you a call or feels it would be advisable to see you in person. At this time we are still asking that you repeat lab work for this appointment.
  • Clinic for Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer (CAMP):  This clinic is open and patients will be seen in person for their appointments.
  • Bone Health: This clinic is currently being offered remotely.
  • Research: Our Research department is open and seeing patients on-site for all research related visits.
  • Biopsy: EFW will be providing biopsies at PCC as determined by the urologists. If you have recently been scheduled for a biopsy, please ensure that you follow social distancing rules while attending your appointment.


    1. Ken Rabb

      Hi Randy, We plan to come back to Lacombe in 2022. Please check regularly in the new year for updates.

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