How change “good” Fathers into “Grand

Doug Driediger (middle) with his family.


Doug Driediger was always a “good” Dad, now he is thankful he’s a “Grand” Dad

My name is Doug Driediger – thank you for this opportunity to share a little of my story.

My cancer journey began unexpectedly. After promising my wife that yes, as a birthday gift to her, I would see a doctor at least once a year. After my second visit, I saw a spike in my PSA test, despite my relatively young age. I was extremely fortunate to be the first patient of the new Rapid Access Clinic for Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre, and soon thereafter agreed to a surgery at what seemed like the tender age of 47.

That was 13 years ago. Since then, I have become a runner (encouraged by my doctor to strengthen those stomach muscles that had been parted to allow access to the surgery site). 10 marathons and dozens of other races later, the stomach muscles are doing fine. The birthday present that probably saved my life continues to give back to me. I am enjoying life as a new grandpa, and I am planning to see my granddaughter, 1-year-old Indigo, married some day – when she is 35, if I have my way – as I saw her beautiful mother married 8 years ago.  The same girl who has run many of those races with me!

I am so grateful to Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre for all they have done for me . I am truly blessed to have been in their care.

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