Bucks for Bros

DID YOU KNOW… that in Alberta, 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime? In fact, prostate cancer is the leading form of cancer diagnosed in Canadian men. I didn’t!

HERE’S THE KEY … if diagnosed early, prostate cancer is treatable – a 95% survival rate! Survival rates for prostate cancer have been improving for the last four years, perhaps due to the importance that is placed on early detection. 
WHAT’S NEXT … Well I decided that I could raise a little money for the Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) and have some fun along the way.

Since I have started talking about this I have been joined by other men, young and old, who want to help out. Some have had the battle with prostate cancer! Everyone involved has agreed to let their hair grow until Father’s Day Weekend when we will all be shaved in recognition of achieving $5000.  

BUT… if we can raise $7500, each man will have their hair dyed BLUE and shaved into a Mohawk! 
WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO? … 100% of all money donated goes directly to the Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) – which by the way is totally funded by donors like us! And donations over $500 will be identified as a ‘Corporate Sponsor’ of ours and receive acknowledgement annually on the PCC’s website and the Prostate Cancer Centre’s Donor Wall. 
But any amount can make a difference and is appreciated! We all know someone who has battled cancer and it sucks! By the time you finish reading this page, another man will have been diagnosed with prostate cancer so go ahead and make a difference! 
THANKS for your support!!


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