Bret Hart Shares How He’s Living His Dad’s Legacy

Made in Calgary – Bret Hart and Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre



I’ve been in a lot of fights in my life but my most recent fight was the most challenging. I have always been known as a WWE pro-wrestler, today I am also known as a prostate cancer survivor, something I never thought I’d have to call myself.

Growing up with Stu Hart as my Dad wasn’t always easy. Times were often tough and money was short. Dad was still invincible; he could beat anyone and anything. He didn’t allow us kids to take the easy road or back out of anything.

Feeling sorry for myself –was not in my vocabulary. Dad taught me from a very young age that you needed to suck it up and get on with life. I wasn’t allowed to be a quitter in anything (The one exception in my life was when Dad allowed me to quit the school play because I was required to wear leotards. No son of Stu Harts would be wearing tights in public! Who knew I’d grow up wearing tights for a living – and pink to boot).

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I have travelled many miles in my career but always yearned for my hometown. After my prostate cancer diagnosis I needed to find the best place in the nation to get my cancer treated. Born and raised in Calgary it was a thrill for me to realize the best Centre in the nation was in my hometown.

The fine folks at the Prostate Cancer Centre and my local Urologist helped me to conquer the biggest and meanest giant I had faced. Together we made sure prostate cancer was put to the mat – and stomped on.

My Dad’s legacy lives on in me. He taught me it’s important to be loyal and to stay local whenever possible and to always remember where I came from. Times were often tough for me growing up – times are tough in Calgary right now. The importance of staying and supporting local hasn’t changed.


That’s why this Father’s Day I’m asking you to put your dollars where you live and donate to Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre. I want all Dads, kids and grandkids to have the opportunity, should the need arise to be treated in their own hometown.

Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Let’s keep it that way.

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