The foundation of the Centre is our 8 Rapid Access Clinics. These clinics provide men rapid access to consultation, diagnosis, information on treatment options, a comprehensive sexual and urinary function clinic, aftercare, wellness seminars, and a patient Resource Centre staffed with volunteers, all in one place.

The Prostate Cancer Centre is entirely patient-focused, guiding and supporting men and their families through the entire process.

The Prostate Cancer Centre relies completely on private contributions, corporate sponsorships and events. Coming together to support men with prostate cancer, many companies, individuals, and families play a key role in raising both awareness and funding. The Centre offers many programs and services that demonstrate the power of our donors’ dollars at work and we are always available for you to come up and personally see all the great work that is done here. We offer many programs and services that demonstrate the power of donor dollars at work.

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The Resource Centre


The patient resource centre is the hub of the Prostate Cancer Centre. It is user-friendly, providing information in a variety of formats. Our library offers:

  • A wide selection of books to borrow for a three-week loan,
  • Brochures, videos, media articles, and selected internet sites on a variety of prostate cancer topics,
  • A computer for those wishing to access prostate health-related websites,
  • Access to information about the programs we offer at the Prostate Cancer Centre,
  • Our key resource is our volunteers – men who have had prostate cancer, their spouses, and other committed individuals who offer supportive listening from an experienced perspective.


“I cannot say enough amazing things about the staff and resources available to support patients and their families through their prostate cancer journey. The staff were amazing, empathetic, compassionate, and understanding. There was always somewhere I could go or someone I could talk to if needed. The Prostate Cancer Centre saves lives. I certainly feel like they saved mine.”

– Patient