Monthly Archives: July 2013

Nutty beer night pitches in for prostate cancer centre

Your faithful social scribe takes great pleasure in supporting myriad causes — none more so than prostate cancer. With one in seven men affected by the disease, prostate cancer is something we should all be aware of — and support…

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Stealth Yoga

It’s called Stealth Yoga. It’s a yoga class designed for prostate cancer survivors.

The exercise helps the men regain their strength and flexibility by sneaking yoga in with resistance training.

Nicole Culos-Reed, PhD, a researcher with the University of Calgary…

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‘Downward dog’ helps prostate cancer survivors

You won’t see any complicated head stand poses in the yoga class at the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre. In fact, the men there don’t consider it a yoga class at all.

“This is more of a stretching, weight lifting and…

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Igniting the Discovery Spark through Movember research funding

Prostate Cancer Canada is dedicated to supporting prostate cancer researchers on the verge of an early-stage research breakthrough with the Movember Discovery Grants program. This program allows both junior investigators at the start of their research career and more established…

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