10,000 Man in the Van

9,999 was the number of men tested prior to Saturday, June 8, when the 10,000th man entered the MAN VAN™ since its launch in April 2010. This exciting event was held at the East Calgary Health Centre Fair and the lucky 10,000th man was Jesus Parnacio. Jesus didn’t know what he was in for when he headed to the Health Fair accompanied by his wife for his first PSA blood test. Not only did he receive his PSA blood test, he was also awarded a gift basket of fun items from the Prostate Cancer Centre. We are very excited about this accomplishment.

The MAN VAN travels through the city twice weekly offering men free PSA blood tests. You can see when the MAN VAN will be coming to a location near you here. All of this is done solely through the generosity of our donors and community partners. Thank you Calgary men for being pro-active and getting checked.