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Calgary Radiologist and PCC board member Dr. Shelley Spaner is the founder of Women for Men’s Health. Dr. Spaner has witnessed the disparity between women and men’s health firsthand, and has started this initiative to engage women as active players in closing the gender gap when it comes to health and wellness.

Her vision is to create a program in Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre that resides within the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology that is all inclusive and accessible for men, to shift men’s behaviours towards maintaining their health, and to mobilize women as key players in this effort.

The message is simple, to prevent men from dying in this province from modifiable health factors related to diet, weight, blood pressure, and prostate cancer we need to encourage men to visit their doctor and get checked regularly.

Download the full men’s health overview here.

The Mission

Women for Men’s Health’s mission is to support and build awareness about Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre’s men’s health program called “Know Your Numbers.” Women for Men’s Health was started in order to raise money to be used to fund programs which increase awareness and to aid research in areas that impact men’s health.

The four key areas of focus:

  1. Identify key clinical priorities in men’s health
  2. Identify key research priorities in men’s health
  3. Identify enablers and barriers of top clinical and research priorities
  4. Educate policy and decision makers about the roll and value of long-term follow up care in men’s health

Men’s Health

The current goal of the Men’s Health Program is to leverage off Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre’s “get checked” program that is delivered to men through our MAN VAN™.  As well as offering free PSA tests, we felt it made sense to have men understand other numbers that impacted their long term health. Since 2010 we have administered over 35,000 PSA tests and captured data around this test. In the last year we have collected over 1,500 statistics from men on blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI and we can definitely speak to trends we are seeing.

For more information about “Know Your Numbers” click here.

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Women for Men’s Health Gala 2020

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Gain entry into the biggest party of 2020! With dance, drink, food, and fun, this powerful initiative acts to increase awareness in areas impacting men, including mental health. The biggest event of the year falls on January 31st and tickets are going fast – get ’em while they last!


Proceeds from The Big Ball will support thousands of Calgary men and their families dealing with mental health issues, through the Women For Men’s Health initiative at Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre. Chaired by Dr. Shelley Spaner. 


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