Who we are

Calgary Radiologist and PCC board member Dr. Shelley Spaner is the founder of Women for Men’s Health. Dr. Spaner has witnessed the disparity between women and men’s health firsthand, and has started this initiative to engage women as active players in closing the gender gap when it comes to health and wellness.

Her vision is to create a program in Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre that resides within the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology that is all inclusive and accessible for men, to shift men’s behaviours towards maintaining their health, and to mobilize women as key players in this effort.

The message is simple, to prevent men from dying in this province from modifiable health factors related to diet, weight, blood pressure, and prostate cancer we need to encourage men to visit their doctor and get checked regularly.

The Mission

Women for Men’s Health’s mission is to support and build awareness about Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre’s men’s health program called “Know Your Numbers.” Women for Men’s Health was started in order to raise money to be used to fund programs which increase awareness and to aid research in areas that impact men’s health. 


Women for Men’s Health supports the “Know Your Numbers” program, which  expands on mobile PSA testing by offering additional health measurements through the MAN VANTM Program. These include: body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and blood glucose. Following this testing, all men receive a 6 week follow up phone call from the Centre to check on any progress. Most men aged 18-50 only go to a health care provider when they feel “very ill”. The main health issues for men over the age of 40 are: cancer, (colon, skin, lung and prostate), hypertension, (elevated blood pressure, B/P), diabetes, (increased blood sugar) and obesity. Providing a man with the measurements for BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar could prevent future health problems and result in a happier man and a healthier workplace. For more information about “Know Your Numbers” click here.

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SS Moyie Boat Cruise

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Women For Men’s Health Gala 2018

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Saddle Up for Men’s Health (Past Event)

Dr. Spaner is a Calgary pioneer in the area of men’s health, having seen the health issues that currently face men and in a drive to make a difference, she hosted, an event called ‘Saddle Up’ a spin-a-thon with the intent to raise awareness about Men’s Health issues, challenge participants physically, and provide exposure to an activity that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle. In the event’s two year running it raised over $100,000 for the men’s health at the Prostate Cancer Centre.



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