Keep It In Calgary is a campaign aimed at raising funds and creating awareness around the importance of early detection of prostate cancer. Last year, the campaign raised $100,000, allowing us to continue to support local men diagnosed with prostate cancer – providing them with expedited access to rapid diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, and patient education.

The Prostate Cancer Centre (PCC) is a homegrown non-profit that relies solely on donations received within our community from individuals, corporate sponsorships and events.



How You Can Support Our Centre

Start a Fundraiser

It begins with the idea – dream up a creative fundraiser as unique as you are.

Then create your page and start raising money!



Donate Online

Every dollar makes a difference.

Donations over $500 receive acknowledgments annually on our website and the Centre’s Donor Wall.



Sponsor the MAN VAN

We are Canada’s first and only mobile men’s health clinic.

We offer free PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood testing for men aged 40-80.



Raise Awareness

Get the conversation started.

Download the sign below, print (check ‘fit to page’), and fill-in-the-blank. Share it to social media and tag us @prostatecancercentre. 



If prostate cancer is detected and treated early, there is a 95% chance survival rate. Thanks to your generous support, the MAN VAN has tested and saved the lives of hundreds of men. Help us ensure men continue to receive this valuable service.

  • $30: cost of an individual PSA blood test.
  • $100: puts a tank of gas in the MAN VAN and keeps us on the move.
  • $1,500: hosts a 3 hour clinic and provides PSA blood tests for up to 50 men.

Charitable #: 893376327RR0001


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