Please check below for further information about your clinic:

  • Rapid Access Clinic I: Cancelled until further notice.
  • Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer: This clinic is currently being offered remotely.
  • Post-Operative Support: As of right now, our nurses are still offering post-operative support to patients both remotely and where necessary, in person. 
  • Continence and Erectile Function: All appointments for this clinic are being conducted over the phone. 
  • Active Surveillance – Prostate: We are currently working with our urologists on a remote solution for patients in this clinic.
  • Clinic for Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer (CAMP): This clinic is currently still running, only through Dr. Gotto’s office.
  • Bone Health: This clinic is currently closed.
  • Active Surveillance – Kidney: This clinic is running remotely and patients will be contacted by phone.
  • Research: Our Research department is not currently conducting patient visits, with the exception of patients requiring Eligard injections who will be seen by Dr. Gotto in his office. All other patient medications are being shipped by courier.
  • Biopsy: EFW will be providing biopsies at PCC as determined by the urologists. If you have recently been scheduled for a biopsy, please ensure that you follow social distancing rules while attending your appointment.